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Adware, genellikle ücretsiz yazılımlar vasıtasıyla sistemimize yüklediğimiz, kişisel bilgilerimizi, e-posta adresimizi ve sörf alışkanlıklarımızı internetteki reklam şirketlerine veren casus yazılımlardır.bu programlar dosya paylaşımı sırasında da bulaşabilen programlardır.bu programların bilgisayarınıza yüklenebilmesi için sizin onayınız gerekmetedir.Ad aware yazılımları internet bağlantınızı fazla bir şekilde yavaşlatırlar.

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.Women have helped Clinton come back from political death in New Hampshire and helped her win big in Ohio and Texas. Now, the margins could also mean the difference between Clinton continuing forward in the presidential race or not.For the state’s Democratic women, who are split between what are seen as two appealing choices on a historic ballot, the decision has not been easy. Many make the point that they won’t vote for Clinton simply because she’s a woman, but gender is clearly a factor in the decision.Lake says, “They also vote for her because they feel that she’s tough, she’s knowledgeable, she’s in touch with their lives, so it goes beyond her gender to what she represents. And she does her best with them when she is showing that she is in touch with their lives, she’s in touch with the kitchen table issues that really motivate them.”In early April, Obama did make some gains with white women but Obama may come up short. Today’s poll finds that Clinton still holds a double digit lead among Pennsylvania women. “[Clinton has] been winning women and the question is how much does she win them by.”Lake says three groups of Democratic women will be crucial for Clinton in Pennsylvania: single women, young women and “waitress moms” a noncollege educated, working class group concerned about the economy.Clinton has been redoubling efforts to reach these women voters, who have become the keystone to the life of her campaign. Over the past three weeks, female friends and supporters have held several dozen intimate house parties in the Philadelphia suburbs, specifically aimed at women.Dissecting the Clinton MachineAt a book club meeting in State College, a liberal university town in the middle of the state, Obama supporter Pam Lehrman describes Clinton as “extraordinary” and says “as a woman I’d like to vote for a woman,” but that Obama’s response to recent campaign “crises,” specifically the fallout surrounding his longtime pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright, ultimately won her over.Most of the book club members said they were supporting Obama, though some said they felt guilty making that decision.”I do feel a little disloyal until I look at: Is this about the sexes or is this about who’s going to run the country the best way?” Lehrman says. “And certainly, while I’d like to say I helped put a woman in the office, I’m not sure that’s what we want to measure the success of this campaign on.”With the GOP nomination presumably locked up by John McCain, Pennsylvania’s voting machine has seen more than 175,000 Republican and independent voters switch affiliation to the Democratic party to cast a vote in the state’s closed primary.

Yorumu gönderen: Kadir, 30.06.2013, 22:13 (UTC):
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